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BATTLE ROPES by FireBreather Training. Great …

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  • GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE. Heavy Rope Training is all about fast & efficient results. Combining both strength training and cardio into a single routine, you’ll gain muscle and lose fat like never before!
  • SAVE TIME WITH SHORTER WORKOUTS: This is a Total Body Workout that will impact all major muscle at the same time. In just 20 minutes all the tensions and forces generated by the undulation will train your core, biceps, shoulders and legs simultaneously.
  • YOU WILL NEVER GET BORED: Say goodbye to those repetitive sessions forever. With this dynamic training you can slam, whip, drag or move in waves instead of simple static weight lifting and treadmills sessions. Great to use at home, at your crossfit gym or outdoor
  • ADJUST TO YOUR LEVEL: Training with Heavy Rope is intense, but it can be used safely by Men and Woman of all fitness levels. Just choose between our 30 40 or 50 feet by 1.5 inch options. The longer the rope the more advanced training
  • BONUSES! ANCHOR SET KIT, E-BOOK, EXTRA LONG HANDLES & PROTECTIVE SLEEVE. You get all the accessories you need to improve your workout at the best value


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